NAS Key West

Naval Air Station Key West Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan and Environmental Assessment


Ms. Colbert prepared the Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan (INRMP) and Environmental Assessment for Naval Air Station (NAS) Key West. The INRMP delineated a 10-year program for environmental management/natural resource conservation which is fully integrated with each facility’s military mission and daily operations. As part of her assessment, Ms. Colbert addressed issues such as water quality, land management, conservation of threatened and endangered species, fish and wildlife habitat protection/restoration and the enhancement of natural resource-based recreation for military families and the local communities. Ms. Colbert prepared objectives and planned actions for these items as well as target years for completion and budgets for the action items. She also coordinated activities with federal and state wildlife agencies to ensure cooperative resource management.

From the personal portfolio of Gisele Colbert


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