Kingman Commons Residential Development

Environmental Permitting Support Services

County: Miami-Dade

Project Description

The Kingman Commons project is a 77.77-acre agricultural property within the urban development boundary in Homestead, Miami-Dade County. The project is in an area surrounded by residential homes.

Smart-Sciences was hired to perform a wetland and listed species environmental assessment of the site. This was conducted by preliminary research and a visual inspection of the property to include the necessary wetlands and wildlife information for the environmental permit submittal process. The assessment was conducted in support of the future site development of a residential community with single family homes.

Property boundaries were walked by Smart-Sciences staff and marked by GPS and flagging of the ecological community transition edges. Areas of transition from upland to wetland were indicated by vegetation, soil samples and observed hydrology. The property was determined to consist of approximately 0.92 acres of low quality exotic dominated fresh water marsh. Smart-Sciences is providing reporting on the wetland delineation, listed species survey, alternative sites/avoidance and minimization analysis and mitigation assessment using WATER to determine the mitigation required for permitting. This information is being used to prepare the Joint SFWMD/USACE ERP and the Miami-Dade County Class IV permit applications for site development.


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