Homestead Entrance Control Complex Bat Survey

Mandated Florida Bonneted Bat Survey

County:    Miami-Dade

Project Description

Smart-Sciences is conducting a Florida Bonneted Bat (Eumops floridanus, FBB) survey for the Homestead Air Reserve Base (HARB) on a approximately 50-acre site located in Homestead, Miami-Dade County. The site consists of an abandoned building and vacant vegetated upland with several hardwood trees. This work is being done in support of a proposed Entrance Control Complex to support HARB adjacent to the site. The purpose of this assessment was to identify potential roosts and determine the presence/absence of the FBB within the project site boundary.

Smart-Sciences representatives conducted a preliminary pedestrian survey of the project site to determine potential roost locations for additional survey using equipment such as wildlife acoustic song meters. Acoustic song meters record bat echolocation and are used to inform as to whether bats are emerging from potential roosts, flying over head or foraging. The song meter locations were determined through manual observations and inspections of buildings and tree crevices within the project site. Four trees and two sides of an abandoned building were found to have potential for FBB roosting and were selected for further study using song meter devices.

Smart-Sciences will be installing the song meters and evaluating the data to determine if the FBB is using this site.


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