Ecological Services

Ecological Services

Wetland Delineation

Seagrass/Benthic Mapping and Monitoring

Protected Species Observers

Vegetation and Wildlife Surveys

Threatened and Endangered Species Assessments

Habitat Assessments and Conservation Plans

Wetland Mitigation Design and Monitoring

Wildlife at Work Certification

Nuisance/Exotic Species Eradication Control Planning

Biological Monitoring

GIS Habitat Mapping and Analysis

USFWS Section 7 and 10 Consultations


  • Homestead Air Reserve Base Fishes Survey
  • Homestead Air Reserve Base Pine Rockland Assessment, Monitoring and Maintenance
  • Pal Mar Wetland Restoration
  • Greynolds Park Renovations and Improvements
  • Titan America Littoral Shelf Restoration and Wildlife at Work Monitoring
  • Central Florida Coordination Area Wetland Assessments
  • Queen Conch Survey – Port Everglades


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