F.D.O.T. D6 RRR Scoping Reports


Ms. Colbert was the project manager providing environmental support services for the FDOT District Six Resurfacing Program under HDR Engineering’s RRR Scoping contract. Ms. Colbert worked on eight resurfacing projects throughout Miami-Dade County.

Work elements consisted of, but are not limited to, the collection of information and data necessary to perform the environmental analysis and documentation required for the project. This effort can vary significantly between tasks.

For each work order, the existing social, economic, and environmental setting of the area affected by the project is reviewed. This includes utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to conduct analyses in determining environmental impacts (PD&E) and coordination with local, State, and Federal agencies to determine the classification or significance of environmental resources.

An I.D. Features Memo with the following information was produced for each project:

  • Air Quality and Noise
  • Water Quality and Wetlands
  • Floodplain Encroachment
  • Endangered and Threatened Species, Other Wildlife, and Critical Habitat (Manatee, woodstork)
  • Essential Fish Habitat
  • Coastal Barrier Resources
  • Community Services
  • Section 4(f)
  • Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act
  • State Historic Highway
  • Contamination
  • Public Hearing
  • Controversy
  • Permits (ROW, Bridge NGP)
  • Planned Community Growth/Land Use Patter
  • Property Access and Right of Way Acquisition
  • Community Cohesiveness 
  • Trees
  • General Notes for Construction Plans
  • Type I and Programmatic Exclusion Checklist
  • Preliminary Permits requirement memo if permits are required


From the personal portfolio of Gisele Colbert


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