Nob Hill Tract 4 and Hiatus Tract 8 Warehouse Development

Environmental Permitting and Wetland Monitoring

County:  Broward

Project Description

Smart-Sciences’ staff worked with engineers, planners and architects to prepare two commercial warehouse development plans (Nob Hill Tract 4 and Hiatus Tract 8) on vacant parcels totaling 12.5 acres in Tamarac Business Park. The plans were prepared and submitted to obtain an Environmental Resources Permit and Environmental Resources License from Broward County, an Individual Permit to the US Army Corps of Engineers and Tree Removal Permit from Broward County. In support of these permit applications, Smart-Sciences’ staff conducted the wetland delineation, mitigation assessment using the Uniform Mitigation Assessment Method (UMAM) and WATER, listed species survey and tree survey to determine impacts and mitigation required for permitting. Smart-Sciences’ staff met with the regulators on-site to verify the wetland line and to discuss the functional value of the wetland areas being impacted to determine reasonable mitigation requirements. To replace wetland functions a one-acre wetland mitigation area on the Hiatus Tract 8 parcel is required and the remainder of the impacts are being replaced at FPL Everglades Mitigation Bank. For the one-acre on-site mitigation area, Smart-Sciences’ staff worked with the engineers to prepare the wetland grading plan for the marsh and deep water areas, and prepared the planting plan and monitoring and maintenance plan.

Smart-Sciences will be conducting the oversight of the construction of the wetland mitigation area on the Hiatus Tract 8 parcel. Following construction, Smart-Sciences will conduct the time zero wetland monitoring and quarterly wetland monitoring for five years as required by the site permits.

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